Knobs + Pulls

Knobs & pulls add flair to your kitchen and help you create your own style. Our Definitive Collection features classic styles in a range of finishes, from brushed oil-rubbed bronze to antique nickel.

The Definitive Hardware Collection

Pull P-1-BORB         Knob K-1-BORB

Pull P-1-195         Knob K-1-195

Pull P-1-143         Knob K-1-143

Pull P-2-BORB         Knob K-2-BORB

Pull P-2-195         Knob K-2-195

Pull P-3-BORB         Knob K-3-BORB

Pull P-3-195         Knob K-3-195

Pull P-3-143         Knob K-3-143

Even a simple cabinet can be transformed by a door feature, finish, or handles. Plan ahead and find your style. Work with your dealer to develop it within your home by incorporating it into your kitchen. After you finish planning your beautiful kitchen, incorporate features to make your kitchen functional as well as beautiful.