Layout Considerations

Layout Considerations

Cabinet Layout – Taking into consideration kitchen traffic, space for doors and appliance placement is essential when planning a safe and organized kitchen.

Your designer will ensure that your layout improves efficiency and appearance.

Work Triangle

When planning your layout, it is important to place the main three workstations, your fridge, stove, and sink, in a triangle. This ensures easy movement between each major appliance. For more information on kitchen cabinet layout considerations, visit National Kitchen & Bath Association


Appliance doors on your dishwasher, oven, and fridge also need to be accommodated in your layout.


When arranging your appliances, safety considerations arise regarding stove clearance, protected surfaces, and proper ventilation.


Plan your storage needs ahead of time. Knowing what you will access regularly and store for long periods of time will ensure proper cabinet size and placement.

Visualizing Your Layout

Explore cabinets and accessories that will offer easy access to your kitchen essentials and compliment your layout.

Finishing Touches

View design features that complement the unique style of your home, including decorative and functional additions.

Mapping Your Space

Using a layout grid, map the space of your current kitchen, creating an empty canvas on which to add your own personal touch.

Cabinet Planning Downloads

Cabinet Planning Guide – Use this guide to get your project kickstarted! This will help you guide the designer to cater to your individual needs and preferences.

Layout Grid – Use the layout grid to note the dimensions of your current space, creating an empty canvas on which to add your own unique needs.

Cabinet Planning Guide 

Layout Grid

Taking these elements into consideration is essential when planning a safe and organized kitchen layout. Be sure to implement these considerations when mapping your space on your layout grid. Look through examples of exemplary kitchens that take these layout considerations into example, and see how you can work these features and designs into your home.

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