Visualizing Your Layout

Visualizing Your Layout

Cabinet Options – The types of cabinets that you choose will impact the look and function of your kitchen.

Below are a few examples of typical cabinets and cabinet features.

Base Cabinets

Providing the foundation for your countertops, these cabinets store the majority of your cookware, appliances, and utensils.




Wall Cabinets

Mounted directly to your wall, these cabinets provides easy to reach storage for plates, glassware, and dry foods.


Above Appliance


Tall Cabinets

Spanning the entire height of your cabinet arrangement, these cabinets are a great addition to your cabinet run but can also stand alone as a separate storage unit.



Cabinet Features

Organization and countertop space is key to every working kitchen. You want the right tools to be easily accessible along with having the space to balance prepping and cooking. Cabinet accessories provide storage for many on-counter tools and cooking staples without sacrificing accessibility.

Recycle Center

Mixer Stand

Base Pullout

Lazy Susan

Visualizing Your Layout

Explore cabinets and accessories that will offer easy access to your kitchen essentials and compliment your layout.

Mapping Your Space

Using a layout grid, map the space of your current kitchen, creating an empty canvas on which to add your own personal touch.

Finishing Touches

View design features that complement the unique style of your home, including decorative and functional additions.

Cabinet Planning Downloads

Cabinet Planning Guide – Use this guide to get your project kickstarted! This will help you guide the designer to cater to your individual needs and preferences.

Layout Grid – Use the layout grid to note the dimensions of your current space, creating an empty canvas on which to add your own unique needs.

Cabinet Planning Guide 

Layout Grid

Visualize your layout ahead of time and plan your kitchen with your Founder’s Choice dealer. Planning ahead of time and mapping your space will help jump start your kitchen project. It may help to look through inspiring kitchens and see what you would like to incorporate into your kitchen.

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