Mapping Your Space

Mapping Your Space

Accurate measurements of your existing kitchen are essential to the design process. In order to provide accurate measurements for your designer, there are a few tools you will need:

• Founder’s Choice Cabinetry Layout Grid
• Pencil
• Tape Measure

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Step 1 – Basic Measurements


Start from wall A and take measurements clockwise.


Note the location, width, and height of doors and windows. Make sure to include the trim in your measurements.

Ceiling Height

Measure from the finished floor to the finished ceiling. Take three separate measurements at different points in the area. This is very important to make sure there is a consistent height to be working with.

Step 2 – Add Appliances

As you make your way across each wall, measure to the center of your oven, stove, and fridge. Also note the width of each appliance. Appliances need to be included to ensure that the cabinets will fit into the space properly.

If you have purchased new appliances, we will need sizes and model numbers. This will ensure your new appliances fit per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Sink Center

It is important to take note the center of your sink. This will give your designer the centralized area of your home’s hot and cold water lines, electrical outlet, and drain from the previous installation.

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Step 3 – Personalize

This is where your kitchen really becomes tailored to you. Start thinking about what features you will need in your day to day use, focusing on the ideas rather than dimensions. You want to come away with a kitchen perfectly suited to your lifestyle, so it’s okay to take some time to plan it out.

Visualizing Your Layout

Explore cabinets and accessories that will offer easy access to your kitchen essentials and compliment your layout.

Finishing Touches

View design features that complement the unique style of your home, including decorative and functional additions.

Mapping Your Space

Using a layout grid, map the space of your current kitchen, creating an empty canvas on which to add your own personal touch.

Cabinet Planning Downloads

Cabinet Planning Guide – Use this guide to get your project kickstarted! This will help you guide the designer to cater to your individual needs and preferences.

Layout Grid – Use the layout grid to note the dimensions of your current space, creating an empty canvas on which to add your own unique needs.

Cabinet Planning Guide 

Layout Grid

Mapping your space before purchasing cabinets is very important. After all, you’ll want to make sure your new kitchen fits in your home! Use resources such as our planning guide and layout grids to help you map out your kitchen. Dealers will assist you in making sure that you have the correct measurements, and will end up with the kitchen you want.

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